Manchester to Blackpool 2019

Sunday 28th July


The Manchester to Blackpool charity cycle ride will help raise £150,000 to cover the costs to run a mobile health clinic in the West Bank in Palestine for one year.  A mobile health clinic is vital to the lives of thousands of people who do not have access to water, electricity and health care.  The people in the West Bank are prevented from building any buildings, have restricted movement and this makes the mobile health clinic the only contact they have with doctors and health care workers.

Creating a Fundraising Page

Setting up a fundraising page is the start of your journey to help the Palestinian people.  Below are steps to create your Just Giving page which is linked to the MC Events Manchester to Blackpool 2019 charity cycle ride and the overall mobile health clinic campaign:

1. If you have a Just Giving account already, then continue step 2, otherwise create a Just Giving account using the sign up page: sign up page link

2. Click the following link to create your page: fundraising page link. This is linked to the MC Events Manchester to Blackpool 2019 event.

3. You will be asked to log in to JustGiving if you are not already signed in. 

4. Choose a web address.  We recommend something personal, catchy and linked to the event

5. For question 3, select no for both

6. It is your choice to opt in to the MAP keep me informed email question

7. Agree to the JustGiving and the Fundraising regulator terms

8. Your page is all set up.  We recommend that you personalise it by adding a description and change the cover picture

9. Set your target to a minimum of £200.  We recommend setting something higher to encourage donors to donate more.  £500 for a bit of a challenge or £1000 if you want to really want to push yourself 🙂

10. Start sharing the link to family, friends and work colleagues


Sign up to Strava to track your rides, and join the M2B 2019 club to get some motivation from the team and get ready for the ride from Manchester to Blackpool

1. Sign up for a free account on
2. Download the free mobile app on iOS and Android
3. Join the M2B 2019 Strava Club (click the button below)
4. Log your rides using the app or a cycling computer
5. Give your fellow club members Kudos for their efforts!


Cycling from Manchester to Blackpool is a good challenge which is very achievable with some structured training. In general, we recommend a minimum of 4-8 weeks training. Naturally, the more you train, the fitter you will be and the more you will enjoy the ride.

We will provide regular guidance and advice on the WhatsApp group.

The Route

The Manchester to Blackpool route is shown below:

The individual routes files can be downloaded below: