MCE Rochdale Launch Young Voices

Following on from Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re pleased to launch Team Rochdale’s campaign… ‘Young Voices: Raising Awareness of Mental Health in Rochdale’ This campaign will focus on raising awareness of the issue of mental health and supporting work being done in the area. Team Rochdale have partnered up with Thrive, an emotional health and […]

MCE Bolton Update

    Team Bolton had there weekly meeting last night. The team spent the evening thinking through how they plan to raise there target of £10,000 for the Fighting Poverty In Bolton Campaign. (In Partnership with NICE). After much thought and consideration the team came up with the below plans:- 1. Get our local schools, […]

MCE Bradford – Our partnership

‘Today, we decided our partner for the campaign will be BIASAN in Bradford, who hold drop-in sessions for refugees and asylum seekers at the Deaf centre every Thursday. Some of the MCE team spent the day with BIASAN, preparing food for the evening meal and helping the wonderful volunteers prepare food packs for the service […]

Helping My Community

Helping My Community

We are excited to reveal our new campaign ‘Helping My Community’ launching in April 2017, a UK focused campaign to tackle social issues in our community and help make a difference. Previously, our efforts have been focused on helping those in need at an international level, but this year, we’ve decided to do something different. […]

Yemen In Need

There is a silent crisis happening right at this moment. The people of Yemen are on the brink of a famine, over 50% of the population go to sleep hungry every night and over 2 million children and malnourished. The situation is getting worse everyday. Muslim Community Events have launched a nationwide challenge in partnership […]

How we fund MCE 

The Changing Someone’s World campaign has spread into towns and cities across the UK. The events come in all shapes and sizes with the blockbuster 2 day event in Bolton on the 29th and 30th May at the Macron Stadium to a small work event. As a 100% voluntary organisation we fund everything we do […]

MCE – an organisation for all

The Changing Someone’s World campaign is striving to help the hungry, the poor and less fortunate. Join us on our campaign to give something back, to give someone hope and to help change someone’s world. Our values are inspired by the beautiful teachings of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We have team members of […]

Pamper Day Kicks off the Nationwide Campaign

A Nationwide Fundraising Campaign Launched To End World Hunger. A fundraising campaign has been launched to raise awareness and funds to end world hunger. Changing Someone’s World is a nationwide campaign to help raise awareness about hunger across the world and fundraise £250,000 from cities and towns across the UK. Team Rossendale, made up of five dedicated […]